Primordial Sound Meditation


“I absolutely love my Primordial Sound.  I can get deeper into my meditation and when I do get thoughts that intrude, it’s almost like they are muffled sounds from another room. So much easier to quiet my mind.”

-Linda Warnock



“This workshop will open your eyes to how open or closed your chakra system is. A great experience with a great instructor.”

-Adam Holzworth

“An opening to an understanding of what my higher self is seeking and craving! Incredible dance.”

-Casey Plouffe


Heal Your Life

“I really Enjoyed Carolyn’s workshop. It was a great way to let go of old emotions. I feel that I gained a lot, and learned a lot about who I want to be.”

-Vicky Greene

“Carolyn is a hidden gem in Fayetteville, and I can’t wait to meet with her for more one on one. You can heal your life!”

-Heather Dewitt

“The workshop was life changing for me. Through discussion, meditation, and reflection my perspective of my life has changed. I have shifted from not just living in fear, but judging myself from a place of fear. I recognize myself as a beautiful soul breaking through the walls of fear I erected. This workshop was a transformative process for me.”

-Kristen Marks

“Was a great and wonderful healing experience.”

-Kiersten Hillenbrand

“This workshop uncovered some internal fears and emotional pain that I had not made the time to work through. This workshop not only allowed me the time, but the tools to work through the pain. I found the workshop to be very rewarding and very helpful. I will continue to use all that I learned throughout my daily life.”

-Christen Turner

“This work is not to be entered into lightly. I’ve done some healing, so I was somewhat prepared for the lessons. Every time I learn something. I find out there is so much more for me to discover.”

-Monique C.