Energy Healing

Private Intuitive Energy Sessions

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Carolyn Helps individuals discover their spirit and ignite their spark for life. She does this by teaching individuals how to change their outlook on life. She helps them release blockages in the mind, body and spirit using several modalities.

She combines the use of crystals, Reiki, Heal Your Life® techniques, Bach Remedy and Angel Card Readings to guide her intuitive messages. It is energy work, spiritual work, emotional work and nutritional work. Each Session is tailored to the individual and their healing needs.

Sessions Offered

30 min.

Reiki Energy Session

1 Hr. Intuitive Clearing Session

(Session includes Reiki, Chakra, and parasympathetic tuning fork clearing)

2 Hr. Session

(Session includes Heal Your Life Coaching®, intuitive card reading, and healing session using modalities that come forward.)

3Hr. Session

(Session includes Heal Your Life Coaching®, Intuitive healing session using any different modality, and a past life regression.)

We also offer Several different Coaching Packages

Contact Carolyn for more details.

Carolyn works By Appointment Only

You can schedule an appointment by contacting Carolyn Via:

Phone: (910)850-1827