Come and check out Chakradance™ with Carolyn. She is a certified Chakradance Facilitator and has found that it has been a great addition to her wellness routine. Chakradance is an exciting new well-being practice… a fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, that works with the chakra system.


You will enjoy music, meditation, and dance that will open up your heart and soul, and allow for peace within. Each Chakradance session centers around a different Chakra.

At Saha Happyness we try to hold at least one Chakradance gathering once a month. If you are interested in learning more about Chakradance or would like to participate please contact us.


Phone Number: (910) 850-1827

Check out our Upcoming Events Menu Page or Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or meetup to keep up with the events we will be holding monthly. We look forward to seeing you.