Weekly Intuitive Stone: Calcite

Calcite: Bring back the joy in your life.

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.

It is Linked to the Higher States of Consciousness and facilities the opening of higher awareness, physic abilities and channeling.

It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences.

It connects emotions with intellect, creating emotional intelligence.

It releases the loss of hope and creates motivation in the user.

It helps one know what is important and what is not.

It helps create the space to change ideas into action.

It is a useful stone for study.

It alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity.

Calcite helps you to overcome setbacks, enhancing trust in ones self.


Calcite is wonderful when working with different areas of the Chakra Energy System.

Each color truly has a different energetic vibration that helps to clear out and balance the Chakras.

Blue – Throat Chakra

Aids in clear communication. If you find it hard to relax, this stone is a great stone to work with.

Golden- Base and Crown Chakra

Excellent for meditation and for connecting with the higher state of consciousness. Brings back the sweetness of life. Helps one become grounded physically and spiritually.

Green Calcite – Third eye

Is a mental healer, dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs. It helps restore balance to the mind.

It helps in letting go of what is familiar and comforting which no longer serves. Removes stagnant energies.

Mangano- Heart Chakra

Healing at the heart releases fear and grief that keeps the heart tapped in the past. Bringing in unconditional love.

Red Calcite- Solar Plexus

Uplifts emotions and aids in will power.

Orange – Solar Plexus

Helps with overcoming depression.

Yellow- Solar Plexus

Helps you bring back your personal power.


If you are interested in learning more about crystal energies and how to be intuitively led by the senses or to schedule a private intuitive session please contact Carolyn for more details.

E-mail: sahahappyness@gmail.com

Phone: (910) 850-1827

The Light Within: Individually Connected

It sounds so silly to use the words individual and connected in one sentence, but we truly are uniquely made to work together. We are individuals, but we are ONE.

We each are unique and beautiful souls.

We have to allow ourselves to be different and unique. We have to keep an open mind about who we are. When we can appreciate our uniqueness we begin to work from a space within our heart. This ignites our light and removes some of the chains that bind us to limiting thoughts and beliefs. When we love our unique identity we begin learning how to shine our light. It may start with just a flicker, but over time it will turn into a flame.

We each have gifts that light up the world.

You have a purpose, she has a purpose, we all have a purpose. Finding your purpose and using that to light up the world is so important. Go out and find what excites you, what makes you feel something positive? Learn about this “thing” that excites you and then go do it!

Shine your light so bright it attracts the light of others.

We manifested into this world not to be alone, but to support one another and spread light and love so brightly it attracts others and allows them to spread their light. Don’t let others limit your possibilities through their worry or fear. Find individuals that support you. Shine your light so bright that you burn up any negativity.

Then allow the space for others to shine their light.

When we can honor our light it allows us to honor the light we see in others. Think about the word Namaste translates to:

Namas= Bowing

Te= To You

It is a gesture of love and respect. It truly expresses honoring the individual. The light in me sees the light in you. Allow others to shine brightly and flourish.

As individuals we need this connection and support to raise the vibration of the world around us.

We are all individually connected through Universal Energy or Universal Life Force. This connection and togetherness will expand and attract more positivity into the world. It will light everything you and those around you do.

Together we can light up the world.

See the light, be the light, spread the light.


Saha Happyness is open Today!!!! 🎉11/13/2018 from 10am to 5pm. Come check out the shop. Enjoy a 30 minute Reiki session. We will have 2 Reiki II Practitioners available that will be more than happy to assist you. Walk-ins and appointments welcome!

Carolyn with our two Reiki Practitioners, Michelle Pennington and Tonia McRae!

Grateful. Thankful. Loved

I am filled with gratitude for all of the lovely souls on this healing journey with me. I am thankful for each of you. I receive so much happiness from the support of our diverse community of individuals.

It is pure joy seeing all of you come together to spread love, light and peace during the group meditations, that positive energy spreads out into the world.

Please join us today at Saha Happyness for a group meditation from 6pm to 8pm.

305 Owen Drive.

Fayetteville, NC 28304

Reconnecting to Your Bliss

Make time for your bliss. Try to work it into your every day life. If we don’t reconnect to what makes us happy and what truly fuels us we lose our spark for life. Without bliss we forget that life is truly for us to enjoy.

If you’ve forgotten what makes you thrive take time to sit silently and truly listen to your inner wisdom. Make time to go outside and feel the sun on your face. Feel the breeze on your skin. Look at the beautiful world unfolding in front of you.

Never forget that finding and reconnecting to your personal bliss will carry you through life in a more powerful way than you’ve ever imagined.

2-Day Heal Your Life® Workshop – Create a New Life Journey

2day hyl ws

Heal Your Life® – Create a New Life Journey
Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life!

Saha Happyness will  be hosting a 2-Day Heal Your Life® Workshop on:

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

From 9:00AM – 5:00PM


Sunday, July 29th, 2018

From 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Create a New Life Journey and begin to experience and acknowledge Law of Attraction and the flow of Synchronicity! Explore and Transform what is Holding You Back from Your Life’s Purpose or just from Enjoying Life! It is about shifting and raining in the sub conscious mind and working with our higher conscious self. Its about finding our triggers, becoming the witness and moving from reactive techniques to responsive ones. Consider this workshop as a weekend within, to contemplate and liberate your mind, body and soul!

WE will take part in a lot of fun, uplifting and creative exercises to help you embrace the Authentic Self and your inner child to help you move forward in life with more purpose, love and acceptance for yourself and others.

This workshop will help you learn the Heal Your Life® techniques. It will help you understand what your body and emotions may be trying to tell you and how to create and use Affirmations, visualizations and mirror work techniques to change your life. These techniques were developed by Louise L. Hay a famous self help author and speaker for over 30 years who made her transition in October 2018. Discover what physical aches and pains may mean on an emotional level, heal your inner child so you can move forward in life without fear, guilt or anxiety.

As a certified Heal Your Life® coach Carolyn Hillenbrand will use different tools and techniques to guide you to Change your Thinking and Change Your Life so you can experience and welcome the synchronicity you have been looking for! Carolyn will go over some basic Blueprints to this self healing concept and guide you through the process of self discovery!


Here are a few concepts that I talk about in the workshop.

Blueprint #1

Know that Thoughts are Powerful! Cause and Effect of synchronicity is always played out!

Blueprint #2

Know that Being Intuitive and having synchronicity is a gift given to everyone! Not just a select few! It is our gift from the universal one!

Blueprint #3

Know that Self Love Empowers and cultivates self esteem. It is not selfish! When we honor our self we honor others!

Blueprint #4

Know that WE CAN only change our self. Trying to change others to be what we want them to be for us does not work. It really does not bring us happiness.

Blueprint # 5

Know that there is Freedom In Forgiveness. Just consider it; open the heart to it! Forgiveness unlocks the chains that we are carrying.

There will be a 45 min break for lunch. Some snacks will be provided but please bring some food that sustains you for the lunch break!

Cost: $290.00 save 10% when pay in full before July 23rd which would bring the total down to 261.00. We can also discuss payment plans. The amount of the workshop includes a Heal Your Life® book and work book. Which will be used during the workshop. A payment request from square will be sent to you. These books are essential for this workshop.

To sign up RSVP for this meet up by following this link: NC-Discovering-Meditation-Meetup

Please Call or text Carolyn Hillenbrand
Phone: 910-850-1827
or send an email to: sahahappyness@gmail.com

Is Your Creative Energy Flowing?


When do you allow yourself the time to just BE, to flow formlessly through your day?


Take some time to explore the Sacral Chakra – which is known as the space of creativity. This is where your creative energy flows to and from.


The element this Chakra is connected to is water.


Flow freely, connect to the channel of life and creativity.


When your Sacral Chakra is blocked you become numb to your emotions, passions and desires.


When you have a balanced and unblocked Sacral you allow your emotions to flow freely, and when this occurs your creative energy will flow abundantly.


Evaluate your Sacral Chakra by simply answering YES or NO to the questions below. If you answered no to more than four of the questions your Sacral is imbalance. If you answer yes to more than four of the questions, then you are balanced in the Sacral center.

  • I easily express my emotions – they feel free and flowing
  • I have an abundance of healthy, sensual pleasures in my life.
  • I ensure that I am always hydrated and I enjoy drinking water.
  • I can identify what I need, and ask for it.
  • I enjoy a stimulating and healthy sexual relationship.
  • I love to dance,  moving with music feels good to me.
  • I am in touch with my sensitive side.


You can begin to balance your Sacral by doing some of the following things:

  • Go swimming and play in the water.
  • Take a bath using oils and incense- Rose, Sandalwood and Rose Geranium oil are best.
  • Meditate with crystals – moonstone, Carnelian, or golden topaz connect to the Sacral Chakra.
  • Wear orange.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Take pleasure in cooking meals and really tune into the smells and taste.
  • Invoke your inner child and play.
  • Take time to color and create.


Your mind is always working, always creating new ideas. You have been perfectly designed to manifest your thoughts. It is up to you to remove the chatter from your mind and to open space within to achieve your pure potentiality.


Have a great day!




Crystal Energy Workshop

Crystal WS Post

Learn how to heighten your spiritual awareness with the use of crystals, meditation, and chakra work. You will be participating in a Chakradance Session, Meditation, Power Animal Retrieval, Restorative Yoga and a Crystal Energy Workshop.

Workshop Details

Date: March 24th, 2018

Time: 9am-5pm

Address: Saha Happyness Inc.

305 Owen Dr.

Fayetteville, NC 28304

Price: $80.00

This is a very special collaborative event with fellow light worker Althaliah. We would love to have you join us for this wonderful spiritual awakening. If you would like to sign up for this event please contact us.

Meetup: Meditation & Reiki Meetup page

Instagram: Saha_Happyness

Facebook:Saha Happyness Facebook Page

Email: sahahappyness@gmail.com

Phone: (910) 850-1827

Self-love Intentions

heart flower

Challenge yourself today,

to set your attention and intention on LOVE. This love intention starts with loving yourself first! Look in the mirror today and say “I love you for exactly who you are.” 💗 The more we have loving thoughts of our self, and who we are unconditionally, the more we can do this for others. I am reminded of the importance of the “Law of thought” today….Begin to ask yourself, what do you believe love is? How do you allow yourself to give and to receive it? So today’s thought is, it is a day to be reminded of Love and what that means to each of us.

An affirmation for today is :

I Give & Recieve Love Abundantly and Equally!

Have Lovely Day!