Body Mind Spirit Expo

Come Check out the Saha Happyness inc.Teaching and wellness center booth at the 2019 Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC February 23rd and 24th.

We will be doing crystal divinations and 15 minute Reiki Sessions for $15.00 each. As well as we will have Malas, Jewelry, Affirmation Alter Boxes and much, much more for sale in our booth.

Body Mind Spirit Expo Entry
Saturday, February 23rd 10am-7pm
Sunday, February 24th 10am-6pm

Admission to the Expo is $12.00

Follow the link below to receive $1.00 off admission and get a Saha Happyness coupon for 10% off all of our merchandise after you spend $15.00 or more on an energy session.

$1.00 admission and Saha Happyness Coupon

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Knowing we will all have a super SWEET and WONDER-FILLED day!!!

Make the time today to find the wonder in your life.

Keep it sweet and simple.

Wonder and joy don’t always have to be big and extravagant.

Just identifying the little things in life that are wonder-filled is what truly keeps us mindful and in the moment.

Look for the little things.

It’s as simple as enjoying your morning tea and feeling it warm up your whole body.

It’s about being grateful and in the moment.

It’s about being happy that you are indeed alive.

It’s about getting to enjoy a yummy piece of candy.

It’s about being in awe of nature and life around you.

Wherever you are in this journey you can choose to see its sweetness and its wonder in all of your day.

Love to our good vibe tribe.

-Saha Happyness Inc.

Happy New Day Everyone!

Wednesday, January 9th


I have been preparing to be out of town for some self care time and missed yesterday’s post!


In order to support this loving and caring time for myself during the next 5 days I have decided to post one post for the week.

As I look through the next few pages I am guided to ask you to do your personal mirror work this week.

Make time to look into the mirror and gently guide yourself through some affirmation work.

Make sure to be kind to yourself.

If you are struggling with a particular affirmation, know that it is mosly likely an area you struggle with most.
Send gratitude to the affirmation and most importantly yourself for allowing you the opportunity to see a part of you that needs the most love.
Try to change the affirmation from “I” or “I am” to “I am willing to”

  • This should help you work through the mirror work and affirmation with more ease.

Look in the mirror each day. Deeply into your own eyes.

Say to yourself…I love you…I really love you…take note of how these words feel when you do this.Really look into your eyes and tap into your soul and recognize the following affirmations from TRUST LIFE by: Louis Hay throughout the week:

Really look into your eyes and tap into your soul and recognize the following affirmations from TRUST LIFE by: Louis Hay throughout the week:

I am beautiful and everyone loves me

I love and approve of myself

I trust my own inner wisdom

I cherish my body and take care of It well

I am willing to love myself

I claim perfect health of my mind, body and spirit Now

Have a Wonderful Week and Weekend!

I’m sign off for some Goddess self care this week to visit the sparkling waters on the gulf side of the ocean.

So excited,

Creating magical new experiences in 2019!

Be Well and Be Love 💗

January 7th, 2019: LIFE IS REALLY VERY SIMPLE.


January 7th, 2019

life is really very simple.png



The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experience.

No person, no place or thing has any power over us,  for “WE” are the only thinkers in our mind

In today’s entry for Trust Life  Louise Hay states:

“Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings.

Every thought we think is creating our future.”

My Intuitive response:

Yes, sometimes this line of thought is hard pill to swallow! There are situations in life where we find ourselves saying, why would we create these horrible experiences and situations. Why in the world would I do that to myself?

Consciously we do not always realize that we create our life experiences. This concept that Louise is talking about and what I am trying to explain is not instilled in most of our everyday living or life process. We have learned to create the same thoughts as others and through experience we have seen and lived the manifestation of the same thought patterns generation after generation.

At times I personally still struggle with old thought patterns. As soon as a realize that I have fallen into the cycle I have to shift my thoughts to what I truly want for my life! Sometimes I find I will go a day, a week, a month or even a year without realizing I have created a limiting thought. I use to kick myself for falling off the Hay wagon:] but now at some point I just laugh and get back on:) and things begin to move in the direction that is of my truest potential.

Be gentle with yourself! You are doing the best you can based on thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences that you have been creating with. That is our karma, but we can actually move through our Karmic process much quicker than we have been taught to believe.

I’m grateful everyday that Louise Hay had the courage to explore something different and then chose to speak out and bring it forward for everyday individuals. She knew that we had to change the Manifesting beliefs of all people to experience a world that works for everyone!

I began to research Louise’s Life after her death and was lead to the books of Florence Scovel Shinn who wrote about this same concept from 1925 to 1940.

I believe she was the catalyst for Louise Hay and her work.

Florence Scovel Shinn writes:


What a magical way of processing and explaining the power of thought and its extraordinary ability to create the life you desire.

MIND treatment for today:

“My word is my wand,” and I stand in my power creating through consistent thought and expression Manifesting only abundance, knowing I create my destiny in the present moment.  I know that I can change a thought at any moment to represent what I really want to see Manifested in My life.

It is Truly that simple; I take responsibility of my own thoughts and shift so that I can create lovingly and patiently. I see and know a fabulous future for myself. There is always a way and the way is made manifest through my connection with divine source. I intuitively work with this source for the highest good for all.

Once you learn the importance of thought you will see how simple life can be.

Manifesto Girl 😘aka Carolyn Hillenbrand

Happy New Year!

Happy New Day and New Year! What wonderful day it is! My intention with the following post is to help others create a fresh new expression of what life has to offer us!

25 years ago Louise L. Hay became a messenger for this soul!

This soul (Carolyn’s Soul) who thought she was broken, and somehow unworthy and not good enough for what life had given her! But also knew that wasn’t true!

Some how the self critic had been running rapid emotionally for a long time and it began to effect me within my physical body!

So, while looking in the self help section of a then local book store Louise’s book – You Can Heal Your Life actually illuminated from the book shelf. It is through this book that I began to come to the Real-I-Zation that I had allowed the physical world, societal beliefs and generational patterns and beliefs to take over what I knew in my heart did not have to be.

My inner self knew….That we could manifest so much more than what we have been taught and that we did not have to buy into old patterns of belief just because society or our parents said so. ( Please note! I am not blaming others Life is always happening for our highest good and we are in a time that we must realize that everyone is always doing the best they can based on what they have been taught or experienced 😍) Love and forgiveness are important concepts for this type of healing work!

I had to take responsibility of my own thoughts and preceptions to heal emotionally and mentally and thento heal physically. It is what has brought me to help others be their own healers and take responsibility of their life’s and begin to manifest the synchronicities of what they really want to see in their life.

So, let’s begin a new beginning and refresh our hearts and souls! The latest book that Hay House published after Louise made her transition is called Trust Life it has what I would call a “Louiseisam” for everyday of the year! We start January 1st, 2019

Every Moment of Life Is A
New Beginning Point!

Press the restart button everyday is what I will say!😍

To begin to change the constant cycling and recycling of what life experiences are expressing through you and to you it is important to create a new way to talk and be within yourself. Our experiences coming from within and then out! Our cells hear everything we say out loud or think to ourself! So if you would like to manifest and use the law of attraction this is what I would offer for today based on Louise’s words on this day and what I am guided to Intuitively post today is this mind treatment……

Today is a new day! I am connected to the infinite power of love and this power has given me its power to create my own path and my own experiences! I trust that life is always fresh and new I move from past experiences easily creating a new and fresh experience in the present moment and know that my future is bright! I am intuitively guided and this guide is never criticizing or condemning, it is always uplifting and loving! I allow myself to forgive myself and others In every moment, I am gentle with myself and others, so that I can create from the space and existence of Love….💗 Knowing that all is well and all is perfect for my highest evolutionary self. I now become an observer and witness of my life and I take the helm so I can be the captain and commander of my life through the power of creation! All is well and in perfect order! I flow easily and effortless in the sea of life! Have a Beautiful Day! 🙏

Weekly Intuitive Stone: Calcite

Calcite: Bring back the joy in your life.

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.

It is Linked to the Higher States of Consciousness and facilities the opening of higher awareness, physic abilities and channeling.

It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences.

It connects emotions with intellect, creating emotional intelligence.

It releases the loss of hope and creates motivation in the user.

It helps one know what is important and what is not.

It helps create the space to change ideas into action.

It is a useful stone for study.

It alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity.

Calcite helps you to overcome setbacks, enhancing trust in ones self.


Calcite is wonderful when working with different areas of the Chakra Energy System.

Each color truly has a different energetic vibration that helps to clear out and balance the Chakras.

Blue – Throat Chakra

Aids in clear communication. If you find it hard to relax, this stone is a great stone to work with.

Golden- Base and Crown Chakra

Excellent for meditation and for connecting with the higher state of consciousness. Brings back the sweetness of life. Helps one become grounded physically and spiritually.

Green Calcite – Third eye

Is a mental healer, dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs. It helps restore balance to the mind.

It helps in letting go of what is familiar and comforting which no longer serves. Removes stagnant energies.

Mangano- Heart Chakra

Healing at the heart releases fear and grief that keeps the heart tapped in the past. Bringing in unconditional love.

Red Calcite- Solar Plexus

Uplifts emotions and aids in will power.

Orange – Solar Plexus

Helps with overcoming depression.

Yellow- Solar Plexus

Helps you bring back your personal power.


If you are interested in learning more about crystal energies and how to be intuitively led by the senses or to schedule a private intuitive session please contact Carolyn for more details.


Phone: (910) 850-1827

The Light Within: Individually Connected

It sounds so silly to use the words individual and connected in one sentence, but we truly are uniquely made to work together. We are individuals, but we are ONE.

We each are unique and beautiful souls.

We have to allow ourselves to be different and unique. We have to keep an open mind about who we are. When we can appreciate our uniqueness we begin to work from a space within our heart. This ignites our light and removes some of the chains that bind us to limiting thoughts and beliefs. When we love our unique identity we begin learning how to shine our light. It may start with just a flicker, but over time it will turn into a flame.

We each have gifts that light up the world.

You have a purpose, she has a purpose, we all have a purpose. Finding your purpose and using that to light up the world is so important. Go out and find what excites you, what makes you feel something positive? Learn about this “thing” that excites you and then go do it!

Shine your light so bright it attracts the light of others.

We manifested into this world not to be alone, but to support one another and spread light and love so brightly it attracts others and allows them to spread their light. Don’t let others limit your possibilities through their worry or fear. Find individuals that support you. Shine your light so bright that you burn up any negativity.

Then allow the space for others to shine their light.

When we can honor our light it allows us to honor the light we see in others. Think about the word Namaste translates to:

Namas= Bowing

Te= To You

It is a gesture of love and respect. It truly expresses honoring the individual. The light in me sees the light in you. Allow others to shine brightly and flourish.

As individuals we need this connection and support to raise the vibration of the world around us.

We are all individually connected through Universal Energy or Universal Life Force. This connection and togetherness will expand and attract more positivity into the world. It will light everything you and those around you do.

Together we can light up the world.

See the light, be the light, spread the light.


Saha Happyness is open Today!!!! 🎉11/13/2018 from 10am to 5pm. Come check out the shop. Enjoy a 30 minute Reiki session. We will have 2 Reiki II Practitioners available that will be more than happy to assist you. Walk-ins and appointments welcome!

Carolyn with our two Reiki Practitioners, Michelle Pennington and Tonia McRae!

Grateful. Thankful. Loved

I am filled with gratitude for all of the lovely souls on this healing journey with me. I am thankful for each of you. I receive so much happiness from the support of our diverse community of individuals.

It is pure joy seeing all of you come together to spread love, light and peace during the group meditations, that positive energy spreads out into the world.

Please join us today at Saha Happyness for a group meditation from 6pm to 8pm.

305 Owen Drive.

Fayetteville, NC 28304

Reconnecting to Your Bliss

Make time for your bliss. Try to work it into your every day life. If we don’t reconnect to what makes us happy and what truly fuels us we lose our spark for life. Without bliss we forget that life is truly for us to enjoy.

If you’ve forgotten what makes you thrive take time to sit silently and truly listen to your inner wisdom. Make time to go outside and feel the sun on your face. Feel the breeze on your skin. Look at the beautiful world unfolding in front of you.

Never forget that finding and reconnecting to your personal bliss will carry you through life in a more powerful way than you’ve ever imagined.