Samantha Olague

°Spiritual Life Coach
°Intuitive Reiki Coach
°Chakra Attunement
°Cord Cutting
°Divine Light Codes
 & Communication

After leaving the corporate world of cellular communications and attending my very first Native American sweat lodge in 2014, I chose to step into the journey of service to the Planet, heart and humanity. A path to bring inner balance and unconditional love to the forefront of my life while mastering being a human with practical tools. I joined a meditation group and began practicing Kundalini yoga. During an 11:11 planetary activation on Pilot Mountain, I met Carolyn Hillenbrand and knew immediately she was to be my Mentor. After working with Carolyn in some personal sessions and completing Reiki 1& 2, and Reiki Master Teacher, I entered an apprenticeship program and became part of the Saha family. 

I am one of the Intuitive Reiki Coaches at Saha Happyness. The sessions that I can assist with are:

  • 1 hour Intuitive Reiki Session
  • 30 minute Reiki Session.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment please contact:

Carolyn Hillenbrand at Saha Happyness

Phone: 910-850-1827

Ask to have a session with Samantha!