About Us

Saha Happyness Inc. is a restorative wellness center based in Fayetteville NC, founded by Carolyn Hillenbrand. Our mission is to create a space to integrate facilitated and personal self healing within the many different levels of mind, body and spirit.

5 years ago Carolyn moved her space to 305 Owen Dr. to collaborate with Kelli Edwards founder of Pure Phoenix Cleanse & Wellness. The two businesses together truly create a beautiful balance of physical, spiritual and emotional healing. This friendship has sparked a desire to collaborate with several other individuals in the Fayetteville community to create a wellness space that can spread out and reach many, as we know that everyone has their own healer, teacher and guide.

There are many paths to personal healing.

You can find out more information about the Wellness Facilitators at Saha Happyness by clicking their name under the about page.