It is Safe to Look Within

itissafeGood Morning!

January 3rd 😍

It Is Safe To Look Within

Todays affirmation in the book TRUST LIFE  by Louise Hay:

“I believe there is a power within each of us that can lovingly direct us to our perfect health, perfect relationships, and perfect careers and that can bring us prosperity of every Kind. In order to have these things, we have to first believe that they are possible. Next we must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating the conditions we say we don’t want. We do this by going within and tapping into the inner power that already knows what is best for us.”

So, a Carolyn”ism” for the affirmation above:

I call that inner power my intuition guided by the higher self,

or for fun I call it my own personal hero “ Manifesto Girl”
or “Sparkling Crystal Goddess” 💎
Or let’s go deeper
I could call it IGG-Inner God Guidance.

Louise calls it your Inner Ding 😊

Choose what you wish to call this.

There is no right or wrong to that!

Our Super Hero’s and IGG are always loving. It always loves you adoringly and always has the easiest path for you it creates through love, compassion and confidence in self. It allows you to just be, and know your purpose. It supports life with easy karma and bountiful synchronicities.

The opposite of IGG is criticism, low self worth, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and the list goes on. Once you begin to realize old patterns of self talk you can begin to see how this cycle works.

I have one personal name for her when I hear or see the shadow of her existence – Hairy Henrietta- she chatters and looks like the character Thing on the old television show The Adams Family😂🤣. Once I recognize this shadow I can call upon one of my super hero’s above to bring myself back to IGG. This is my comical personal analogy! I put Hairy Henrietta in the side car and ask her to trust and off we GO on the Love path creating wonderful synchronicities with IGG guiding us!

Anyway, it is a fun and light hearted way to view my old patterns through visualization. It allows me to create from a new and more loving space for myself.

Before I give you the mind treatment for today. I want to let you know that I will post an event today for a new 2 day Heal Your Life Workshop January 26th and 27th. I plan to do one every quarter so if you can’t make this one there will be an opportunity to make the next one in April. Everything is in right timing for your highest good!

Mind Treatment for January 3rd, 2019: It’s a short one today😘

It is safe to trust and I am willing to change anything that keeps me from my truest good and purpose. I now explore old patterns and create new brain grooves and patterns that can support my greatest wishes and desires! When I feel lost on this journey I call upon my inner hero and guru to lead me back to my highest form of Existence.
All is in divine order and I allow it to be.

Big L💜VE!
Manifesto Girl

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