Happy New Year!

Happy New Day and New Year! What wonderful day it is! My intention with the following post is to help others create a fresh new expression of what life has to offer us!

25 years ago Louise L. Hay became a messenger for this soul!

This soul (Carolyn’s Soul) who thought she was broken, and somehow unworthy and not good enough for what life had given her! But also knew that wasn’t true!

Some how the self critic had been running rapid emotionally for a long time and it began to effect me within my physical body!

So, while looking in the self help section of a then local book store Louise’s book – You Can Heal Your Life actually illuminated from the book shelf. It is through this book that I began to come to the Real-I-Zation that I had allowed the physical world, societal beliefs and generational patterns and beliefs to take over what I knew in my heart did not have to be.

My inner self knew….That we could manifest so much more than what we have been taught and that we did not have to buy into old patterns of belief just because society or our parents said so. ( Please note! I am not blaming others Life is always happening for our highest good and we are in a time that we must realize that everyone is always doing the best they can based on what they have been taught or experienced 😍) Love and forgiveness are important concepts for this type of healing work!

I had to take responsibility of my own thoughts and preceptions to heal emotionally and mentally and thento heal physically. It is what has brought me to help others be their own healers and take responsibility of their life’s and begin to manifest the synchronicities of what they really want to see in their life.

So, let’s begin a new beginning and refresh our hearts and souls! The latest book that Hay House published after Louise made her transition is called Trust Life it has what I would call a “Louiseisam” for everyday of the year! We start January 1st, 2019

Every Moment of Life Is A
New Beginning Point!

Press the restart button everyday is what I will say!😍

To begin to change the constant cycling and recycling of what life experiences are expressing through you and to you it is important to create a new way to talk and be within yourself. Our experiences coming from within and then out! Our cells hear everything we say out loud or think to ourself! So if you would like to manifest and use the law of attraction this is what I would offer for today based on Louise’s words on this day and what I am guided to Intuitively post today is this mind treatment……

Today is a new day! I am connected to the infinite power of love and this power has given me its power to create my own path and my own experiences! I trust that life is always fresh and new I move from past experiences easily creating a new and fresh experience in the present moment and know that my future is bright! I am intuitively guided and this guide is never criticizing or condemning, it is always uplifting and loving! I allow myself to forgive myself and others In every moment, I am gentle with myself and others, so that I can create from the space and existence of Love….💗 Knowing that all is well and all is perfect for my highest evolutionary self. I now become an observer and witness of my life and I take the helm so I can be the captain and commander of my life through the power of creation! All is well and in perfect order! I flow easily and effortless in the sea of life! Have a Beautiful Day! 🙏

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