Finding the Keys to the Heart

Finding the keys and opening your heart to transformation. Moving out of the Mirrors of everyday society and creating new mirrors for the individual soul-self and the world.




Transforming a new and fresh existence requires that we take responsibility for our own actions and/or reactions to what, we consider, causes us pain. We then move into a more positive response for a higher outcome of existence. When we create new responses to what is happening in our lives personally, the lives around us and in the world; we create new doorways to open. Only then can we step into a space of existence that lightens our hearts, opens our minds and concepts of who we are as individuals and collective souls.

If you are going to renew your individual physical life environment as well as the environment around you, it is important to open your heart to new concepts and beliefs. If you want to change the constant and consistent parallels of your life on earth, look in the mirror and start there. There is a universal law of being able to renew and transform daily. It is asked of us that we create a space for this renewal; a space for new perspectives every day.


How do we do that?

We open up the space for transformation, by raising our individual vibrational frequency. In a book that has recently become a personal and individual growth tool- “Believe and Receive” by Melissa Alvarez, it states: “The Law of Frequency means that pure energy is at the foundation of everything in existence and that this energy vibrates at a frequency unique into itself. Nothing rest, everything moves, everything vibrates! This not only applies to what we see, touch, feel and hear but also to our emotions, thoughts and actions.” Take a moment to think about where you are placing your energy. Is your energy negative and working at a lower frequency, or is it positive working at a higher frequency?

In the Heal Your Life techniques and philosophies of Louise Hay, this concept really moves us into bringing our emotions forward and evaluating what is going on in our physical body. The emotional and physical pain are correlated to one another. Louise Hay uses the terminology: “What we think about we bring about”! This statement is not to cause blame towards anyone. If it does carry that frequency for you then this is a great place to start exploring. Think about what level of frequency you are creating in your life by blaming yourself or others? Think about how you feel physically after you have been negative or positive, emotionally. Have you noticed a change in your physical body?

We can move past these lower frequencies of belief patterns of victimhood. We can move into a higher state of frequency to create a life at that level too! We can renew every day, even in every moment. We can create this higher state of consciousness for our individual self. When we change our frequency we can change so many things in our emotional state, that then permeates out into the physical state!

We mirror our emotional energy from within our subtle body to our physical body. Being aware and in check with this is the key. Whether we are having a day that seems to flow easily or a day that seems to be a struggle, with many physical or emotional trials and tribulations, make sure to look into the heart and allow yourself the space to honor your current level of frequency. Then move into a higher state of energetic frequency. We can create a space of higher quality responses, to deal with the struggle. Today and every day.

So, I offer you these affirmations:

This moment is a new moment, and I am renewed!

I see each experience and honor it as a way to move and express from a higher frequency of consciousness.

I create the synchronicities I want to see in my life!

Love and Light to all!


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