What is Saha Happyness?

Saha Happyness is a restorative healing and wellness center based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We aim to create a safe, non-judgemental space to encourage individuals to open their hearts, to give and receive love, light, and happiness from a joy-filled authentic place.  Saha is where spiritual transformation begins by helping each individual receive higher levels of energy to facilitate growth of the mind, body, and spirit.  We do this by empowering individuals and groups through guided meditation, Reiki, and many types intuitive energy and wellness modalities.


What does Saha mean?

In Sanskrit*, Saha सहजं means “enduring, strength and togetherness.”  In India, it is also a toast to good health of mind, body, and spirit.  These are the attributes that drive us at Saha Happyness to help others in creating their authentic blueprints and discovering their spirit.  Resulting in a happier, more empowered and enlightened existence.  It is our mission to help others ignite their spark for life, to develop an enduring love for themselves and to find strength within.  Your individual journey of personal growth creates peace and love within. That love radiates out into the world becomes infinitely magnified and is reflected locally, globally and universally.

Why do we spell HappYness with a Y?

The Y in Saha Happyness is important because it gives a sense of freedom to discover the many paths of Y.  Along our journey, we come to many intersections in the road where we are faced with life-changing decisions and situations. Putting the Y in Happyness makes people ask Y is there a “Y.”  It inspires them to question, feel and contemplate the Y’s of life and walk through the door of change?


At Saha Happyness we are here to help you along your journey of self-discovery and self-expansion.  We do this by providing you the space and tools to ask yourself, Y am I here?  Y do I feel the need for more?  Y does the universe need me?  Y do I feel the call to walk this new path of enlightenment?  Y are we ALL here?  Y not?  The Y in Saha Happyness is about enjoying life, having fun, being silly, not taking things too seriously, and above all always asking Y.

Y not

Do we continue down the paths of living in “Dramawood, Victimhood, and Martyrville?” we have been on, a path that seems so familiar, but no longer serves us?  Or do we embark on a new path?  A path of happiness, enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the mind, body, and spirit.

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Love and light!


* Sanskrit is the classical language of India and Hinduism. It was created over 6000 years ago, designed to be an unchanging and perfected mode of communication. It is believed Sanskrit belongs to no one and, thus, belongs to all.

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